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35 post in and I have a totally different take on the matter than everyone else. If this story is true then to me this tells me the fight will happen in April and everything is already set in motion.

1st of all as someone who has been incarcerated, I thought jail would change Floyd's mindset and make him more open to the fight. 2nd, everyone is saying this is dumb for Pac to sign with Top Rank to get the Floyd fight but I dont think thats really the case. I think he resigned with Top Rank because the Floyd fight is pretty much done.

Pac has always been with Top Rank and loyal to them. Floyd is not getting the big money fight unless he goes through Top Rank, plain & simple. They worked it out and Pac resigned because he's been with them forever and they delivered the one thing he always wanted.

Next is the 50 cent thing. I think we are being played by all the beefin. I dont think Floyd & 50 are beefin. I think its been a media setup and 50 is actually helping make the fight behind the scenes. I think he's still either all the way with Floyd or they are all kinda in it together and are deciding to make money. Meaning, they make this fight and maybe even start making side deals on promoting other fights or endorsments together.

I think the wheels are set in motion and both guys want to go out with a bang. Pac wants to finally end the JMM drama and show that he's clearly the better fighter while ending his career by taking Floyd's O and going into Politics.

Floyd wants a few more fights but some of the guys he wants to fight are at 154 and he doesnt wanna do a constant yo yo in weight so he wants to get the Pac fight out the way now. This is the last chance for it. Pac isnt fighting that much more. Thats clear. Its now or never.

Then add the fact that Pac is now saying he'll take 55/45. I dont think he said that to throw down the gauntlet. I think he said it because he went to Top Rank before the fight was made and said that I want it at all cost. I think he said that he wants Floyd and they have to deliver so tell them we will take less. I think when he made the 55/45 public, it had already been agreed to behind closed doors between Top Rank & Floyd.

Could be trash but this is what Im feeling. They negotiated behind closed doors, Floyd said he'll take 55 and no less. Pac and them eventually agreed. Also agreed with the testing. Now the hard part is to get past JMM
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