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Originally Posted by Layzie Kidd View Post
I dont think your punching power is as great as you think it is. You look pretty contracted in your picture if that thats you. And if youre contracted youre not as fast also.

Lifting weights doesn't build punching power unless youre doing explosive work which you cant really do with heavy weights. Only time it'll benefit is if youre putting on massive weight with muscle.

From my experience women prefer the leaner look of a fighter. Since its proportionate, natural, contoured, and functional. Plus lifting weights and trying to be a fighter is more work in my opinion, you have to counter act all you did when you lift when youre training.

You cant really be both in my opinion. Youre either a fighter, or someone who wants to look good.
I didn't mean my punching power was great, but I'd say it is superior to the average boxer who doesn't lift.

And I disagree. You CAN be both, you just have to make sure you don't neglect other parts of training. Just because I lift heavy doesn't mean I don't do cardio, doesn't man I'm inflexible, and doesn't mean I'm slow.

And I am pretty fast. I just ran a 4.55 40 the other day at 210 (after 3 knee surgeries), and I don't do ANY explosive work outside of plyos.

EDIT: As for women, believe it or not, personality actually matters. I'm kinda funny and I'm smart, and I'm like a 6-6.5/10, so that helps.

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