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Originally Posted by Slightly Dazed View Post
I quit bodybuilding to box. I didn't like being big. You're always eating (boring foods), you never feel great, people assume you're an *******, and contrary to what guys think, chicks usually don't like huge guys and the ones that do are trash.
Life is so much better with boxing. I feel great, look better than before, body is much healthier, etc.
Just depends on the individual.

I like my new diet, it is structured and has lots of foods I like. I always feel great because I am much healthier. People don't think I'm ******* because, well...I'm not an *******. Lastly, I've gotten many more chicks (quality chicks, not club sloots) since getting jacked.

Some like BBing, some don't. Just gotta try it to see.

But me personally, I like to do both. People tell me that I can't powerbuild (hybrid powerlifting/bodybuilding) as a boxer, but that's BS. My punching power is great, I'm not slow, I'm not inflexible, and my cardio hasn't suffered.
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