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Originally Posted by Ravens Fan View Post
I agree,you are 100% correct that you do not have to hate to recognize that something is wrong. And I actually have had disagreements with people on this subject that I believe may be misguided but they aren't bigots. However, you simply aren't one of them and that is evident by the hateful language that you choose to use. Such as [email protected] and ass bandits and comparing them to incest. They are just downright hateful and hurtful words and most normal people would agree with that.

And who said anything about you putting your hands on anyone? But, are you really trying to say that you are only a hateful bigot if you physically put your hands on someone and offensive hateful words really mean nothing?

Just so we are clear I am in no way comparing you to him. He is just the best example I could think of to make a point. Hitler was one if not the worst bigot in the history of humankind. I believe that everyone would agree with that, right?

With that said I am sure, no really I am positive, that Hitler didn't physically touch anyone as they marched into the gas chambers at Auschwitz. But his hateful words sure were responsible with getting those poor souls stuffed into those cattle cars and on their way. So, I would say that words especially hate filled ones can be pretty powerful and sometimes even outright dangerous and deadly.

As far as my essay's are concerned you really don't have to read any of them. But, I will say this you have responded to this thread over thirty times, that is thirty freakin times. And so far I have only read one that actually had anything to do with boxing. I bet that is at least twice as much or even three times as many responses as the next person. Don't you think that is a bit obsessive and maybe even a bit of grandstanding on your part? After all this is only an online discussion we are having.

In closing I will say that just like you and I homosexuals can't change who they are because they were born that way. You even admit that. However, you have the ability to change how you think and feel. Simply because you were not born that way and it is a learned behavior. I know because I changed but only when I had the willingness to do so. Simply because as I stated earlier it takes way to much energy to hate. And as much as you try to spin it or split hairs you are in fact a hateful bigot. And its strange how you were actually the first to use that word within are discussion. Good luck to you!
The reason I'm responding is because most like-minded guys (like the one's who've been pm'ing me) shy away from these discussions because they don't want to deal with the typically cliched homophobe/closet case responses. I'm showing them that they can deal with the [email protected] loving pc brigade with regular arguments. If you don't like the words I use then tough sh_t, look at the names I've been called in this thread, you think it bothers me? I don't use the word out of hate, I use it cause it's the word I've always used in casual conversation and I'm not going to change it for a boxing forum of all things. There's not one act I've done in my life that could be construed as hate towards any group. I've never advocated violence or persecution of [email protected] We're having an online discussion about why some, like myself, consider it wrong. I don't preach this in everyday life cause there's no need to. The discussion came up here so I'm responding. I've made plenty of boxing related posts but that's not what the discussion in this thread is about. The hate and intolerance is coming from you guys.
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