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Originally Posted by 1_Industrialist View Post
While I appreciate your attempt at an argument from emotion...I must disagree.

Whether it helps a lot of people is rather irrelevant. Many things "help" people. I suppose in the short run....filling up Govt. helicopters with printed money and throwing it out into the poorest areas would help too. But at what cost.

Some of us want America to be different and not try to emulate other European countries (which you cited), who increase taxes gradually while also creating new entitlements/perks gradually. U.S. should stand out and be contrarian in that regard. In other words, we don't want to be Denmark or Norway. We want to be a sanctuary for individuals from Norway or Denmark, who are tired of getting 60% of their earnings taken away through taxes, and want to take their education and skill somewhere else with more Economic freedom. A individualist country if you will. The only Socialism should be amongst immediately family members (mom, dad, sister, brother, son and daughter), redistributing wealth amongst each other. Nothing more. If a Multi-Millionaire or Billionaire is bored and wants to give his wealth away to go for that Philanthropy Award, they're welcome to it.

You talk about Religion. While not an Atheist (A Deist), I'm a fan of Social Darwinism - survival of the fittest. Right now we have reverse Darwinism, Survival of the's rather pathetic. I wouldn't mind a citizen exchange program amongst Quasi-Socialist countries and the U.S. We'll give them all of our poor, dumb, lazy and retarded in exchange for their Skilled, young, educated workforce who want to leave for Economic/Individual freedom. They can take care of our dependents and be the good bleeding heart Liberals and we'll take their best to be productive members of our Country and Economy. Fair enough?

Then, lets see who lasts. A complete Capitalist country or the Socialist/Entitlement ones. I bet you in a few years, they'll be finished and looking to follow in U.S. footsteps.

nobody appreciates your conceited, pretentious, attempt at looking like Gordon Gecko's biggest turd crawled out of the toilet and given artificial intelligence to spew selfish economic policies on bscene.


Look at your whole persona, it has the contrived moral compass of Bernie Madoff. We get it, you hate poor people, You are a rich cold hearted bastard master of the universe.

Not everybody is like you. YOU ARE THE MINORITY, NOT THE MAJORITY.

Social Security Works. Medicare Works. America is the lone super power in the world. A first world, highly developed country. Its citizens deserve a caring and fair government. People put in on SS they should be able to get it back.

The U.S. loves to impose its foreign policy on other countries, it should at least have honorable domestic policies that shows other countries in the world we are a righteous nation, we treat our citizens with respect, follow us since we already invaded your ass. Let us show you the way.

What you are in favor of is not social darwinism but predatory economics. Darwinism has rules. You want economic anarchy, where there are less rules and regulation and since your shameless, disgusting, and repugnant ilk already got yours through nefarious economic policies incrementally put in through the last 30 years, that's fine by you right?

YOU RIGGED THE GAME IN YOUR FAVOR and now you want everybody to "PLAY FAIR" and participate in your rigged economy.


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