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Originally Posted by ADP02 View Post
You just captured what Floyd did in his last 3 fights at WW with just one sentence!

Marquez vs Floyd = Weight cheat by Floyd who came in above the intially contracted weight

Ortiz vs Floyd = Sucker Punch win by Floyd

Mosley vs Floyd = OLD Mosley

On a more sensible note - Freddie needs to give this kind of nonsense up as bad job. Everytime Manny fights we hear about "the best camp ever" "we are going for the knockout" "manny has never looked better" blah blah blah blah
Don't know what makes people think that an older, slower, less powerful & lower stamina version of Pac knocks out Marquez when neither he nor anyone else has been able to do it before. His only hope of a knockout is if time has caught up bad with JMM. Doubtful though.
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