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4. Charlotte Church
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Is Charlotte Church known much outside of the UK? She had a classical album out years ago when she was younger, **** of an Angel or summat.

Now, there's better looking girls in the world than Charlotte Church. There's even some with better tits. But there's just some inexplicable something about this Calzaghe relative that makes me not only want to put my willy inside her and move it until white stuff comes out, but I'd even like to grow my own vagina so that she can **** it with a strap on. A girl once said to me in bed that women have better orgasms, and it's intrigued me for years. If I grew my own vag and Charlotte flicked it off, would it be better than if she tossed off my taddywhacker as it is?

An unsolved mystery of the universe, cos we'll never know.
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