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have some grub - mathed Lol cheers bud...see it's still possible for a Floyd & Manny fan to get along - Mike D appreciate that :beerchug: - -jose- 

These are my predictions if Sergio makes weight comfortably:

154lbs with 8oz gloves I got Floyd by 8-4 UD
154lbs with 10oz gloves I got Floyd by 7-5 UD
160lbs with 165lb. rehydration clause I got Floyd by 7-5 UD (and the rehydration clause isn't a ***** move since Serio is a "small middleweight" and would be better than cutting to make 154lbs)
160lbs legit I got Martinez by SD in a FOTY candidate since he'd outweigh Floyd by 20lbs or more.

Martinez isn't as good as he's hyped up to be IMO. I think that the size, power, and unorthodox southpaw stance is the only reason I'm giving him a chance against Mayweather... if they were both the same size I'd have Floyd sonning Martinez with EASE! Besides beating Williams and Pavlik who has he really beat? Has Martinez shown that he can outbox a boxer? Did Martinez actually look all that fast when compared to other fast fighters or just against the slower 160lbers? Has Martinez beat any fighters who can actually adjust? Can Martinez adjust to fighters who aren't just one dimensional? How will Martinez deal with a speedy counterpuncher who has the best lead right hand ever? The weight is a big question mark as to can he be comfortable at 154lbs? I find it funny that they keep saying that he's a small middleweight when I find him to be a normal size middleweight and only small compared to Chavez Jr. and Pavlik. Floyd showed he can take a good flush shot by a power puncher to me by not getting dropped by those Mosley bombs. I really don't see Martinez as a harder hitter than Shane or Oscar. I see Martinez bullying Floyd against the ropes and trying to put in work as his only way to gain a W... although I don't see that working. I don't think Sergio is fast and skilled enough to outbox Floyd from the outside. Sergio will have a jab for 3 to 4 rounds and then he'll be gun shy from the lead rights he'll be eating and forget to use it like DLH. I think Martinez with his hands down will eat lead right pot shots all night with Floyd showing his great legs once again and boxing beautifully. But this fight will not happen unless Sergio becomes a bigger draw which he can by moving back to 154 and beating Cotto or Alvarez.

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