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Default Hopkins MW resume vs Sturms MW resume. Whos is really better & who would win?

If you look at Hopkins MW title wins and the natural MWs who he fought (not eithers losses), so that means not De La Hoya or Trinidad who were naturally smaller fighters, but the Joppys, Holmes, Echoles etc

Then look at Sturms MW title wins consisting of -
B Schenk former WBO MW champ
J Castillo WBA MW champ
S Sylvester former IBF MW champ became champ after losing to Sturm

plus other names -
H Cherifi past his best former WBC MW champ
G Lorenzo alledged future Pavlik opponent
K Gevor title challenger at MW & SMW
K Sato (undefeated)
R Griffin
J Pittman (undefeated)
N G Alcoba (undefeated)
M Maseo
R Varon
H J Velazco

You find that their MW resumes arent as far apart as people would like you to believe.
We know Hopkins has a problem dealing with fast 2 handed fighters, losing to Jones, Taylor and Calzaghe, and Sturm is a fast 2 handed fighter

So who would win at MW Hopkins or Sturm?

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