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Originally Posted by hectari View Post
The adjustment is very easy for Pac to make, he showed he can box well in the middle when he fought David Diaz he waited patiently and played counter puncher, he didn';t chase because he didn't take the lead.Anytime Pac tries to attack he sets up the story for the whole fight, his opponent will just run back. When he waits patiently and just uses his footwork he becomes impressive and can sneak awkward angled punches that you can;t see.

Pacquiao seems to have ADD, he looks bored, unless there is a real threat he will fight wild and chase guys, and he throws punches while going forward which is VERY easy to counter, you never throw or lunge agianst mover ever, he cut them off with your feet because they can time and predict your punch coming making it easy to step back or side step.

This is why I think Freddie Roach is not a good match for Pac, Roach gets too much credit but the truth is Michael Moorer was a much better coach for Manny, go watch 24/7 Hatton vs Pacquiao, Moorer was the eyes and the strategist who was correcting Pacs flaws and always reminding Pac of Hattons moves and to use counters. Roach was just the mitt man.

Roach has hindered Pacs growth, this is why I consider Pacman one of the greatest natural self taught fighters, he has beaten guys who have a higher ring IQ and technical boxing than him without a real trainer.

Watch old videos of Pac hitting the mitts with Buboy before they got with roach, Pac uses the same punch combos that he uses with roach even before he got with Roach.

Roach would never have been this famous or great if Pac never walked in his doors.
the red bold....Diaz can be boxed by ANYBODY....he's a non-factor!!
the blue bold....its called waiting and countering when Manny does it but its called RUNNING when used AGAINST him
black bold...that word "RUN" is a code word for the Pac means, Manny isn't THAT good of a boxer but dudes can't admit it....they're in too deep that they REALLY believe Floyd and their man are they REALLY believe that....nothing will change that just like nothing anybody says will change the fact that ALMOST everybody who understands the sport is certain Floyd would beat Manny...that right there is enough to start a riot in I said, dudes are in too deep that they feel insulted by other ppl's opinions on who would win that fight...crazy!!
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@ the part about Roach...REAL TALK!!!!....I've been saying this stuff for a few years now...after Manny and Khan been looking average, dudes seem to wanna jump on the "Roach is Overrated" bandwagon....I'm the driver of this wagon, anybody can hop stop, Vegas....Chavez Jr will fire him after he gets spanked by Maravilla
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