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Originally Posted by The_Sandman View Post
I believe Roger Mayweather is one of the best trainers. And not simply because he trains Floyd. Sure, he doesn't train a lot of world champions and whatever dumb sh*t people like to focus on. But he's not about that. He's not about the fame and being world known. He is strictly boxing. He trains a lot of kids. They say that if you can train a kid how to box, than you can train anyone. Kids are one of hardest people to train because they have no discipline and they have a hard time understanding the science of boxing. And his mitt work is very effective. A lot of trainers focus on offense when it comes to mitt work. But Roger's mitt work focuses a lot on defense, counters and punch selections. I don't think a lot of trainers can make use of their mitt work like that.

Also, I've noticed that a lot of times, when I spar, my trainer would tell me so many different things at once. Move to his left, counter his jabs, work the body. When it comes time to box, I was thinking too much and didn't get to do any of that. All that should have been told before the fight I believe. I think on fight night, trainers should just keep it short and simple. Don't confuse the fighters. Maybe it's just that Roger isn't the best speaker, but what I like about him is that he keeps it short and simple.
A proven trainer takes fighters to the top, or has fighter who are at the top. FMJ can basically train himself because he is that great at boxing.

Some fighters get more than others, and maybe your trainer has to tell you a few things because that's what you are doing wrong. Mayweather rarely does things wrong, but also, Roger has rarely got in a situation where Floyd is in trouble. Castillo was beating Floyd down to the body in the first fight, and Roger told him to basically to and fight to to toe, which IMO made it worse because Castillo was hitting him, even if there was an injury. I am not sure if he gave good advice in the Cotto fight as well, because tactically that played into Cotto's hands.

I have seen the padwork done on Kids on YouTube, and it's pretty good for some speed, but IMO it doesn't really make you defensive. It's a set routine that he will do with one kid, jump to the next and they all repeat and then do a full cycle and do it again. Defense is about footwork and body/head movement, which you should try and practice in sparring more than anything.
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