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Originally Posted by ANDROIDISM View Post
And Adobe's decision had nothing to do with Apple, although you wouldn't know that since you have your head stuck up your azz so far in dailymac links. Steve and fan boys have been talking about HTLM5 for the past 4 years as "the future" sadly you idiots had no idea that Jobs was only saying that to justify his war he had with Adobe (and everyone else in fact) and made you clowns actually believe that. For 5 years now you guys have had "the most advanced phone" yet couldn't even watch flash videos. This all reminds me of when i was young and I would ask for something only to have my father tell me he'll get me something better next time. Only difference is my father delivered your father left you hanging in his tomb.
yup. everyone knew adobe would die out and be replaced by HTML5 eventually. we enjoyed the internet with flash for years on mobile and will now enjoy it with HTML5. i think in his mind apple is the only one that supports HTML5. probably read it on macdaily or some other useless site.
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