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Default Top ten boxing gloves review

Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

I will be reviewing the 16 ounce top ten red boxing gloves. A little back story, I had two pairs of rival boxing gloves. One i used only for hitting the bags and the other I used only for sparring with the logic that the sparring gloves will stay in tact longer and thus be easier on sparring partners.

When my rival bag gloves imploded from a year of bag work, i opted to use my rival sparring gloves as my bag gloves and buy a new pair of sparring gloves.

My choice to go with top ten was largely influenced by the fact that the only top ten store in canada is located in my city (Ottawa, ON). So i just went to the store and picked them up as opposed to ordering online which I assume most people do to buy top ten products.

Now, the point of my review is to expose the manufacturing quality of top ten boxing gloves after 6 months of light use as exclusively sparring gloves. Therefore this will not be a "brand new" review.

What I can tell you about the gloves is that they have nice big finger compartments and feel great on your hand. The foam is mostly concentrated at the front of the glove which makes you hit with your fingers rather than the knuckles but overall I was happy with my purchase. At first glance the gloves APPEAR to be well made.

However after 6 months of SPARRING use (no bagwork whatsoever). They began to deteriorate on me with this as the final result:

Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

Now for comparison, I will post the images of my current rival bag gloves which were my former sparring gloves. Keep in mind...these gloves were used for sparring for 1 year and 6 months of bag work.

Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

As you can see...the rival gloves which have sustained 1 year of 3x a week sparring and 6 months of 3x a week bag work are essentially BRAND SPANKING NEW.

Its also important to note that both these gloves were stored in the EXACT same way for their respective life times. Both pairs of gloves had designated "glove socks" when not in use and the gym bag which i kept them in was always open for ventilation.

Now, heres the good part. As anyone can top ten sparring gloves are unusable, and taking into account the information I have mentioned above, and the vastly superior quality of the rivals, I believed an exchange for a faulty 150$ product was in due order. As a side note, my main sparring partner and friend with the exact same gloves has the exact same ripping in the exactly same place on his jabbing hand (i will post pictures of his tomorrow).

So I go to the top ten store with my faulty top ten gloves and my rivals for comparison. By chance the store owner was there so I was happy that this would be sorted out quickly. I asked him to take a look at these gloves...first thing he did was laugh and say that I wasn't taking care of my gloves properly. He then proceeded to explain to me that top ten products MUST NOT BE PUT IN A BAG.

Let me repeat ten gloves CANNOT BE PUT IN A GYM BAG. He then told me that the moisture in my gym bag is what caused the leather to weaken and then rip, and that top ten guarantees the foam but not leather. I then explained to him that the top ten gloves were handled in the EXACT same way as the rivals which I had in the car for comparison. I asked him if he wanted to see the rivals, he said "no thanks...ill take your word for it." No refund, no exchange, no quality, no respect.

So in conclusion would I recommend top ten products? No. Not only are they poorly made, but on top of that they won't take responsibility for their crap products.
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