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Originally Posted by adamdoyle View Post
Stop saying your watching these fights because its stupid! Zab and Gamboa?
What about when salido drop Gamboa with an overhand right and he got up laughing, he didnt even see it, go watch the highlights, the same type of punch that hurt Juanma who has a Bad Chin. Zab Has never been knocked out! The Kosta tzysu fight he got up and ref stopped it and he only took knees and Cotto and Matthyese except for when it was balance its his heart NOT his chin, PUT more work in man, dnt look at records, watch the fights,Tito Trinidad had terrible
balance and could be knocked over early in fights by ANYONE but never knocked out
LMAO. Jesus Christ. This is why boxing scene needs a chin checker.

Hopefully I don't get banned because the knowledge of chin checking on this site is disgustingly poor.

Dude I DON'T MEAN TO INSULT ANY FIGHTERS, but are you listening to yourself talk? 'HE WAS DROPPED' 'HE GOT UP'

WTF does 'getting up' have to do with a shaky chin? I'm serious.

A bad chin= easy to knock down. It does not= knocked the **** stone cold out. (unless you are Roy Jones).

You are thinking of 'great recovery' power which have NOTHING to do with a glass jaw. If you are easy to knock down you have a shaky chin. That's bottom line and NOT DEBATABLE.
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