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Originally Posted by Bobby No Sex View Post
u forgot victor ortiz. his chin just got shattered.

Ortiz is up there, but his issue have more to do with a glass heart then glass chin. Tough debate there. His JAW got shattered, ya I know the quality of glass p4p really take a BIG DROP after Enzo.

It's like there's Amir, Roy and Jermaine Taylor then



the rest.

It just feel like these days the glass p4p talent pool is being hogged and monopolized by Roy, Amir, and Taylor. The good thing is Taylor have been M-I-A. So he's definitely gonna drop from the rankings soon.

It's once again bitter sweet for me. On the one hand I really do respect and like Taylor. But on the other hand the p4p is gonna miss a top 3 glasser.
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