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Originally Posted by PUK_MY_DANG_34 View Post
i don't necessarily think Lewis had chin problems so much as problems with taking opponents lightly.
I can accept what your saying about VK not really possessing that one punch power like Lewis and WK though.
and yes we can fully agree that Vitali kicks ass and has an excellent chin.
I'd like to see you compile a top ten best chins after you get this list worked out.
Oh ya . For sure Lewis does not have a bad chin. That is retarded moron Noob Chin Checkers or wanna be chin checkers. Lennox fought a long line of murderous punchers and actually took a lot of punches from Bruno-Mercer-and even Grant. He fought Tua and Golota along with Ruddock without any issues. Lewis was knocked the **** out because he was one lazy ass mother ****er and prone to stretches of under dedication. Lennox was never really fat but you can tell he came out of shape to a few of his matches.

BUT THERE IS NO WAY he have a great chin. Or even a very good chin. Lewis just have a 'decent' chin, he have ATG boxing skills and ATG Power. But his chin is 'decent'.

With Wladimir, it could be more of a balance issue and running out of stamina in the later rounds. I will research and think on this more carefully.

I will attempt to create a list of best chins in the future, but this list is much harder and much more debatable.
(Other then Roy, Taylor and Amir,)
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