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Originally Posted by Very Rich Man View Post
I don't think it's his chin Easy. I think it's his non-existent defense. He's so focused on attacking he easily gets hit with counter shots, and he gets very careless in there at times. Like he did with Ishida, he got caught when he was over confident and didn't see the punch. That doesn't mean he has a bad chin though, I've seen(and I'm assuming you too) Kirkland take monstrous shots and didn't go down. He doesn't have a god like Margarito chin, but he's definitely not one of the worst imo.
I agree to a extend,but in that case everyone got a 'focused on attacking mentality' and NOBODY got a weak chin.

Hence chin checking is not even required. Excuses can be made for Amir Khan much easier then for Bute or Kirkland.

Prescott= Not prepared, just bombed out.
Garcia- Oh Amir was trying to KO Garcia, too aggressive
Wobbled by a variety of fighters . Oh everyone gets wobbled.

Judah- Weak Mentality etc.

Bute- Oh not prepared for the Froch in nottingham, had no idea how to deal with the pressure, not really a weak chin, just weak mentality for that fight.

you can go on and on about every single person. Chin Checking is objective tbh and you can or can not agree. Fine by me. I only do the checking. I respect all boxers and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU POSTERS AND YOUR OPINIONS.
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