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Originally Posted by paulf View Post
Godawful list from someone that obviously doesnt follow boxing. It's like you picked those names at random. Allan Green? Klitschko? Who hasn't been stopped in eight years?
Haha. Did you like not READ anything I wrote regarding Wladimir? I said he is the ONLY ATG on the list and it is HIGHLY debatable weather he should be on the list in the first place.

But to deny that he have anything other then a weak chin is quite frankly? Offensive to me. Wlad got away with his weak chin because of
1-His immense physical size
2-His amazing octo-Wlad defense in which Manny Steward has taught him.
3- The lack of true one punch killers in the current HW Era.

Just because you haven't been 'stopped' in 8 years due to the above 3 factors does not = chin turning into granite.

Wladimir is an ATG, but he got a disgraceful chin, deny it all you will but it is undeniable. You are only lying to yourself because you can not accept that one of your favorite fighters got a weak chin.

As for Allen Green? I'm not even gonna argue with you on that. If you think Green got a 'good chin' . lol. Ok.
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