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Originally Posted by Easy-E View Post
It's tough to do lists like this because some of these fighters had solid to decent chins in the past but because of the punishment they have taken it has impacted their ability to absorb punches. When you look at Roy Jones, he never had a great chin but the punishment over the years has turned his chin to glass. Same with Taylor, he had a pretty solid chin but has taken to many shots.

When you look at a guy like Khan or Judah, they always has bad chins.
GREAT POST. You should be a chin checker yourself. I 100% agree with you. That being said this is a current list. Even with my limited boxing knowledge outside of chins, I still realize Roy used to have a good chin, but right now he got the 2nd worst chin in boxing (at the known level).
Yes, zab and Khan were always fragile in the chin area, and as they get older expect them to get even worst.

Khan though got such great abilities, he can overcome his insanely weak milk chin and go on to have an Hall of Fame like career.
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