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Originally Posted by TheChinChecker View Post
Please tell me who should be higher, lower, off the list,
on the list. Thank you all so much.

I got into boxing only a few weeks ago, since then I have watched over 600+ fights.

Other then loving Anthony Joshua, my 2nd love when it comes to boxing is chins. I love checking chins and seeing who got a 'weak chin', I have discovered a list of the worst possible chins in boxing atm. Here is current

p4p Worst Chins in boxing, active fighters.

1- Amir 'King' Khan
This guy got no chin. None. I watched 8 of his fights and this guy got the worst chin in boxing. It is surreal to me how he managed to make millions and be one of the most famous boxers in the world with such a chin. He was rocked by a variety of punchers, semi punchers and journeymen. He also was doing the Bambi Leg dance in 2 different fights, Prescott and Garcia. That being said, I really really like Amir and think he still got a good-very good future depending on his trainer. But his chin is disgustingly weak.

2- Roy Jones Jr
I only recently started watching boxing, so I don't know Roy Jones's past histories that well. It don't matter, since this is CURRENT P4P Glass Jaw rankings. Roy got by far the 2nd worst chin in boxing atm. He was rocked and dropped by a Polish Taxi Driver who had a grand total of 4 knockouts in like 30 fights. The Pole had the weakest fists in the 175+ Divisions and still managed to drop Roy. His chin is gone. I fear for his health also, the accumulation of knock outs by the likes of Tarver, Johnson, Green, etc are too much. I heard he's fighting a legit young Prime CW next, expect Kayote to knock out Roy Jones Jr. Most likely Cold. That being said, everyone seem to love Roy and I will watch some of his 90's fights to figure out what exactly went wrong.

2- Jermaine Taylor
Tied with Roy Jones Jr. I really like his style but for now he is in a dog fight with Roy for that p4p 2 spot. I expect him to actaully TAKE OVER the #1 spot from Amir within his next 3-4 fights.

3-Enzo Maccarinelli
The only reason he's not #1 is because he have stop fighting big punchers because he realize he is harboring one of the worst jaws in boxing. I don't wanna talk to much about this guy, it's depressing.

4- Allen Green.
This guy needs to retire, he's a long way from p4p top 2 spot on this list, but I see him surpassing Enzo with the lack of fights Enzo will soon be taking.

5-Lucian Bute
This guy was actually KNOCKED OUT years ago and his jaw was exposed, but when I watched that fight, refs saved him. Carl Froch made it so refs can't even help him up. Lucian is fighting another puncher next, expect him to get wobbled but not dropped because that puncher is a borderline journeyman. That being said, Lucian can drop out of the p4p rankings if he UD Froch without getting dropped or hurt in the rematch.

6-James Kirkland
It's debatable if this guy should be 5 or 6 or even 3. I feel Kirkland's chin is actaully EVEN WORST then people thought, I can't wait for him to fight a huge puncher so everyone can realize he is truely p4p top 2 contenter. But for now, he's gonna have to sit at 6.

7-Audrey Harrison.
Only reason he's so low is because of his lack of fights, wait for him to content for p4p 1-3 after he fights Price.

8- Zab Judah.
Zab's chin have actaully improved, hence his drop in rankings. I wish I was watching boxing live at the time his chin was truely top p4p stuff, but it has gotten a little stronger.

9-Wladimir Klitsechko
The lone ATG on the list, it is a testimoney to his amazing trainer and his ability to adapt that he have managed to become an ATG HW with the worst chin out of any ATG Hw's in the history of boxing.

Wladimir got no chin, none. There was a stretch of time when he was the lone undisputed p4p #1 in glass.
Purrity, Sanders, Brewster and Peters dropped a combined 14 times. That is shocking. Wladimir did display the courage and ability to stand up again and again, only to be knocked down. Weak Chin>then Strong Will. It is proven.

That being said, he have adapted and is now using his vast physical advantages and his jab-grab-jab-grab-clinch tactics to protect the fragile jaw.

I expect Wladimir to drop out of the p4p glass rankings real soon, it is disputable that he should be on the p4p list even now.
A future Wilder right hand though could very well elevate him up to top 5 p4p.
We shall see
It's tough to do lists like this because some of these fighters had solid to decent chins in the past but because of the punishment they have taken it has impacted their ability to absorb punches. When you look at Roy Jones, he never had a great chin but the punishment over the years has turned his chin to glass. Same with Taylor, he had a pretty solid chin but has taken to many shots.

When you look at a guy like Khan or Judah, they always has bad chins.
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