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Originally Posted by onechance87 View Post
Are u kidding me?Goldenboy has done a great job promoting broner.
They signed him early in his career,Kept him busy,Had him fight in his
hometown,Put him on undercard of big stars such as ricky hatton,mosley
delahoya,canelo.Dont be saying they dont promote broner well.
i didn't say they don't promote him well.............I said they haven't spent nearly the amount on broner as they have with fighters like khan & canelo........

& no. compared to canelo their promotion for broner absolutely pales in comparison............canelo has massive promotion from gbp.

schaefer himself said that broners fight was the least paid for but revenued a shocking number. they expect to get a good number with canelo because they put in a large amount of promotion & money (not with broner. so it's shocking when broner gets these kind of "canelo" numbers)

see the difference..............

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