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Middleweight/Super-middleweight are our strongest divisions.

We've had a good amount of success in the last 25 years in other divisions though. Hatton, Lewis, Hamed, Honeyghan and various other good world champions through the divisions.

Froch our best boxer currently with the likes of DeGale & Groves coming through. At middleweight we have 4 boxers competent at the highest level with 2 drawing to Sturm. Billy Joe Saunders is the rising star in this division and both divisions have a good depth of talent.

I do think we have a good world champion coming soon from the one of the lower divisions (featherweight and lower). Kevin Satchell down at flyweight just stopped the former British champion, Paul Edwards, and looks a good fighter. It was also his first stoppage in his 8 fight career but previously dropped Martin Power. He's fighting Chris Edwards for the British title in September. Paul Butler has a good amateur pedigree and recently beat Sexton, he fights at super fly and bases himself on Barrera - aptly named ' Baby Faced Assassin '. You already know about the Bantam scene.

Featherweight has Lee Selby, Joe Murray and James Dickens. All good amateurs and looking to make a mark in the professional game. Selby's brother, Andrew, is currently ranked #2 in the world and hopes to clinch the gold in London. Murray hasn't been too active and needs some desperate attention. Dickens made the decision to turn professional after missing out on the chance to go to the Olympics. He's looked really good so far and has his head screwed on.

Cruiserweight isn't deep at all and light-heavyweight isn't either - both have some potential. Heavyweight is another weak division but has some attention currently on Price, Haye, Fury & Chisora. Could definitely make some noise on the world scene if Haye decides to continue and Price/Fury progress quickly.

We've got a decent welterweight division with Gavin & Brook, both will go on to world honours. Gavin should be fighting Jackiewicz next which should push him towards better competition, which he really needs.

I really like Joe Selkirk at light-middleweight too, although his last performance wasn't great all. In his 6th fight he beat Steve O'Meara and boxed well behind a good jab. He stopped the durable Terry Caruthers in 1 round and Ryan Toms afterwards - fights in Malta in 17 days.
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