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Originally Posted by -The Glove- View Post
Nobody's arguing the fact that American football is influenced by rugby. There are positions in football that utilizes 400 lb guys. Those 400 lb guys aren't your average couch potato either. They're fast, explosive, and agile for their size. They may not have the endurance of a rugby player but anyone that's played football will tell you, it's not easy to play their positions. And don't act like because there are breaks that these mammoth men aren't fit.
They are World athletes, but at A Football. Two totally different body types.

Haye may be 210lbs, but put him in a ring with a 400lbs guy, he will knock that dudes ass out. Because the sport is different.

I am not saying they are not athletes, I am saying they are suited to their game. The breaks do help contribute to their game play and also how long they last career wise. Both sports, heck even football (soccer) have many injuries. People play the sports and are funnelled down on ability, but also durability just like boxing.

It's like a goalkeeper in Soccer. He has his build type and strengths that are suited to his position. 6 foot 4 and very fast reactions, but also they need to be able to kick the ball 80 yards which is very hard to do. They can play til an older age than say a striker.

Now put him on the pitch and he will look like a fool running with the ball most likely. A striker needs to be agile, fast, but also unpredictable. The technique they shoot needs to fool a keeper with little back lift while running. You need very strong legs to do this as well as technique. A midfielder runs around 6 miles a game and that is still a good pace in 90 minutes, but the fact that they control the ball with legs that run so much is the beauty of it.

Anyway bro, watch the champions league. You will be amazed at the goals and quality. I have recently seen some MLB goals that are considered great and I just think, slow, easy to read and the goalkeeper/defenders are just not able to read the game well.
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