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Originally Posted by -The Glove- View Post
If you think rugby players can touch the top (let alone the fringe) NFL players, you're fvcking mistaken. I can appreciate both sports but for the most part, any particular sport is downgraded because of the lack of understanding of said sport. (I used to sh1t on futbol until I watched Ronaldinho and have been watching sporadically since).
Why are you comparing NFL to Rugby head to head? If you think a quarter back talents mean anything in Rugby, nope, you can not throw forward. If you think a huge muscled up guy is gonna be running for 80 minutes on thick grass (Always) with a bigger pitch than A Football, Hell no.
We don't know if a NFL guy can throw the ball sideways or back at a good level, which does require a spinning technique to be fast and accurate. If you have poor technique you will be countered like a chump.

Then a Rugby guy, he would have to bulk up for the NFL type games. Some may not be strong enough. One would have to learn to throw forward. Kicking wise I guarantee you Rugby has better kickers. Receivers are fast and good catchers so that's gonna be hard to get.

Rugby is more like Boxing in terms of stamina and flow.

A Football is more like MMA with big guys and a lot of start and stop when it comes to the wrestling aspect, and less minutes.

An MMA fighter would not beat a boxing in the ring, as a boxer would not beat a MMA fighter in the cage (On the whole)

When I see Americans saying NFL guys would own Rugby guys, I say, at what? Usually people are ignorant like you say that but I think, AT WHAT? Are you looking at weight and muscles only? Speed? OK so what game.

You should watch the Champion league. The best teams in Europe with the best matches usually for football.
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