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Originally Posted by New England View Post
there is no comparing the collisions in a football game to that of a rugby game. the padding allows you to hit much harder. it prevents damage to the degree that it allows for harder contact.

if you had an equal understanding of both games you'd find football to be far more violent in it's collisions by virtue of the equipment, and not the other way around.

and while there may be some world class talent playing rugby, lets be real. there's more talent one one american football team than there is in an entire rugby league. if you know what a great athlete looks like, you cant disparage that.
There are huge fat guys in the NFL too.

NFL guys are perhaps slightly taller on average and heavier, but that's because a lot are built for strength. However they would not be able to run for 80 minutes like Rugby players do because the size without the type of break you have in the NFL is a hindrance. A stat of actual game play on the NFL was something crazy like 12 minutes.

Get a built up MMA fighter to box 12 rounds like boxing and watch how his stamina let's him down. Heck Puginosky, 5 times World strongest man gasses out in MMA after throwing punches for 1 minute.

I agree on the padding making the force harder, but as stated, before the padding the players also tackled like rugby because the padding and helmet actually allows them to go in harder. So yes, the protective gear actually helps protect them.

In terms of World class talent, I agree on because the NFL pays well, very well, while Rugby is not so well paid because it is less popular than Football (Soccer)

However that does not mean a NFL guy is going to be able to play rugby. Rugby is limited to 5 substitutes only. I don't see a 400 lb man lasting 80 minutes, even if there are moments of not exhausting activity. The big guys are always involved in game play and players can not just throw the ball forward and gain 40 yards just like that. Also you must touch the ball on the ground as oppose to just run. If you watch rugby then you will know that it's not always easy to get it to the floor and in control. Two totally different skill sets. In the NFL you have big guys who only pin each other down etc... where as the guys in Rugby actually touch the ball. In the NFL you have specific people that get on for kicks. In Rugby the guy who does the kicks runs the game play. Of course A Football requires skills with a Quarter back and a receiver as well, but the game plan at least for me, is very start and stop with tactics pre built usually. It is not like Rugby where fitness does come into play and the game flow is better, and you need to improvise more.

Still, Rugby is where A Football derived from. Got to educate the noobs.
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