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Default What is (or should be) the Road warrior true record ?

In light of Glen's recent retirement, I thought I could pay my homage to the man and the fighter by creating this thread.

We all know Glen has been robbed many times. I would like to determine what would be his record if he hadn't been robbed so much.

Feel free to add, discuss, bitcsh or whatever.

The obvious robberies I know of:

Sven Ottke. Johnson whooped him. Just have to see Ottke's face at the end of the fight, his expression, to know he knew he had lost.

Silvio Branco. Dude got pummeled all night long. Couldn't get out of the way of Glen's overhand right.

Clinton Woods. Out of the draw and the SD battles, at least one was a pure robbery, the draw one. I haven't seen their third fight yet.

Julio Cesar Gonzales. Horrible robbery.

If we could change just these wrongs, Glen would have 4 more wins over former world champs, and a 55-14-1 record instead of 51-17-2.

The close fights some people say Glen won:

Dawson I

If you have seen other fights Glen ''lost'' and that you feel he was robbed, just add them !

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