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The bottom line, is that there was a Heavyweight fight on Saturday which generated a lot of interest in the media (for reasons right or wrong) and from paying customers. However, the fight delivered on its promise of action which I think was crucial. We always hope for great action, but unfortunately don't get it in some cases. A fight like this which was under the spotlight as an incredibly bitter grudge match couldn't afford to be a stinker after such a contoversial build up.

There's no need to deconstruct everything. Regarding Vitali, I think it's the only fight which inspires Haye at this point.

As for his resume, I can understand the critics of most of his HW campaign, but outside of the loss to Carl Thompson I would say his CW career was pretty solid. He was quite a heavy underdog going into the Mormeck fight, and even though Enzo Maccarinelli was certainly no elite fighter, he was still Hayes main rival in the division and I clearly remember a few people saying David was ducking the fight and would never take it (one article in the Boxing Monthly especially). If anyone has an opinion on who Haye should've fought instead of those two then please share, I could do with a laugh.

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