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I Phones suck. How many people have their mic break that people can't hear them? How many have their home button broke? A hell of a lot, these Indian's have shops that repair phones and that earn a living (4 to 5 per shop) just off fixing I Phones! There are a few shops per high street in London as well!

Samsung S3 Baby! Everyone knows that it is the best. I mean face recognition to unlock the phone, a live wall paper fish tank where I can feed them flakes and tap them to make them rush! Widgets all day, everyday for live news, Youtube to who I am subscribed to, weather, music player. I do not need to get into the app to see anything, it's there!

I can minimise a video and text and then maximise it again.

The size of the S3 screen puts the I Phone to same. Size does matter!

I have a Widget Locker that is pre unlock screen, I got 2 quick functions. A torch and the ability to change sound, silent, vibrate first thing! The Torch is handy at night and is quick access baby!

Android all day, everyday. If in doubt, throw the I phone Out!
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