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Paul Williams beat Lara
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Originally Posted by DoktorSleepless View Post
HBO absolutely forced Martinez to take the Dzinziruk fight and didn't give him any other option right fight AFTER he knocked out Paul Williams and was fighter of the year. Maybe force isn't the right word because HBO can't really force anyone to fight anyone. They can just simply not buy whatever other fights. Can you link whatever article you're referring to?
I know they forced Martinez to take on Williams in rematch, they did not want any other options. As for Dzinziruk I know only that they refused Zbik, I don't think they'd refuse some other fighters. It was just the thing that Dzinziruk was best out of guys who was willing to face Segio.
And as for Donaire, you say if HBO wanted it they would force him to fight Rigo. They could force him to face Mares the same way. That doesn't mean anything. He has couple options, they would prefer some of those over others, but generally the difference isn't that big and they just like having Donaire as their guy and let his career develop.
The article I believe was some interview with someone from HBO, I don't know if it was Merchant or some of HBO managment, no idea right now. Sorry, I won't be able to find it.

Originally Posted by DoktorSleepless View Post
He said it then and he's saying it again now in OP's article. Rigo's team is absolutely stalking Donaire and pay attention everything he says. They would have come out and denied it by now. Rigo is getting paid around 100k fighting in PPV undercards. Mathebula probably made the same to fight Donaire on HBO. I highly doubt Rigo's team would be asking Donaire for only 100k since that's like the only possible payday for him in the division.
He did not say that they were negotiating. It wasn't even a quote about Mathebula money. He's just assuming that. I'll trust Malik on this.

Originally Posted by DoktorSleepless View Post
I read your post as Rigo was as better option than those other opponents at the time. If I misunderstood you, I apologize. But if you don't deny what I'm saying, you can't really claim Donaire has been ducking Rigo for the reasons I said. I don't see why Rigo having more hype now (not back then) than the hype his last three opponents had at the time is of much relevance. It's irrelevant because the opponents available to him now are much better options than Rigo. Arce, Mares, and Nishioka are currently much more viable opponents either moneywise, popularitywise, or glorywise.

If you want to claim Donaire is ducking Rigo 3 fights in the future, go ahead. But it's a ridiculous notion. I only claim ducking on a fight by fight basis.
Yes, I don't have problem with Donaire not facing Rigo to this point and I don't think I used the world duck in this thread. I said that he doesn't want to fight Rigo at all and just listen to him when asked who you want next "Everyone. There's Nishioka definitely, Arce, Mares" "How about Rigondeuax" "Uhm.. Yeah Rigondeaux Maybe". And then that dumb talk about 3 belts being undisputed. It's not 3 fights from now, it's right now and yes, HBO would prefer Rigo over Mathebula in his last fight as well.

Originally Posted by DoktorSleepless View Post
He said maybe because maybe Rigondeaux will finally do something of note that would make it more viable for him than going up in weight. (126 is loaded) If he lands a fight at 126 that makes him more money than fighting Rigo before he moving up, I don't blame him. If you want to pretend fighters don't fight for the money, then you're living in a fantasy land.

Right now, I have very little interest in ever watching Donaire vs Rigo. It's a shity styles matchup and it would be boring. I watch boxing to be entertained. While I wold rather watch Donaire against Rigo than Arce, Arce is the money fight every fighter wishes for so I don't blame him. He deserves it.

My opinion about Rigo can change in the future. His performance against Kennedy was a good start. If Rigo does something of note or at least has a string fabulous performances that creates a ton of hype (hype on hardcore boxing forums doesn't matter) while Donaire is fighting Arce, Nishioka, and possibly Mares, then I'll change my mind about Nonito ducking Rigo. Right now, I just don't see it.
Come on now. Moving up in weight is no excuses for ducking a fighter. You're saying it's cool not to fight Rigondeaux because if he loses he will lost money opportunities in the future. It's boxing, you can always lost. Are you seriously ok with fighters not taking tough fight? Are you Rachel Donaire?
That's bull****, complete bull****. If he beats Rigo he can move up as well and his 126 fights can wait. I don't want fighters not to fight for money. I don't want it to be only reason for fighting.
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