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Originally Posted by Body Movin' View Post
the irony of this... there's not one broner thread that doesn't have a disgruntled hispanic or pacfart bigging up ponce de la bum as a first response. the haters can't seem to move on.
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mostly mexican fans...............

mexicans pride themselves on being come forward warriors but de leon literally ran for 10 rounds & threw a bunch of pitty pat shots that were missing (i am not joking, de leon was shockingly running against a green broner)

he also quit against gamboa
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even then he lost to a green broner (i had him losing by 1 round) at best it was a draw. no way was that fight a robbery..................the overall fight was a snooze fest & lasted only 10 rounds. i don't know why mexican fight fans see it as such a savage bloody 1 sided beating that resorted in robbery, not one of these guys scored that fight round by round, they are just running with the myth that de leon got robbed simply because they hate broner...........its gotten pathetic.

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