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Default how to beat mayweather jr

Breaking Floyd mayweathers style down:

Floyd as a fighter has to be one of the fastest Single punchers ever (Pot shotter) his best and fastets punch is the straight right hand and then lead left hook, he likes to jab to the body to set up his sraight right hand but does not always use his jab to the head as he so quick he uses lead left hook,

but floyds dominance is based on 1 thing and that is the Shoulder Roll defence his father taught him that every1 seems so confused on how to break down in his career..

how many fighters do u know in the history of boxing that got hits less than mayweather??? i would like an answer on this plz???

no doubt he has been rocked but that comz wit the terrortory "u go in2 the shower u get wet u box u gna get hit" against corley round 4, judah a few times and moseley and know at 35 against cotto got a little bleeding nose.

I kno i talked alot so far but breaking down mayweather shoulder roll it goes like this:

orthodox vs orthodox if u throw left hook to the liver with his right elbow he absorbs the punch than mayweather will counter with right uppercut or srat8 right hand or right hook
same things if u throw lead left hook to mayweathers head he wil absorbs the punch with his right glove that he as high up in the shoulder roll position than he either he counters wit str8 right hand, right hook or right uppercut evan the lead left uppercut as his single punch hand speed is KING.

When u throw right hook to mayweather he rolls the shoulder and rolls out, right hook to his body and he takes it on his left elbow (picture his shoulder roll people) and than counters eiter left uppercut or left hook to the head....

Now u mus b thinking basically i have made him un beatable and in THIS GENERATION i believe he wil b as no1 has the smarts or god gifted handspeed to beat him yes Amir khan is 2nd fastest in my opinion in the world in handspeed only to gary russell jr but no way has the smarts to beat mayweather and GRJ is a feather weight and never gna fight mayweather,

but to beat mayweather i believe you must posses fast hands as quick as him or quicker but u have to use the JAB bcoz in the shoulder roll he is restricted to throwing combinations in bunches and only single punches he can throw th hes in that shell protecting himself so out working him through the jab and constanly keeping him ocupied with the jab is a 100% must so ifu watch mayweather vs de la hoya thats wat a 34yr old de la hoya did for 6-7 rds but could not persist with this due to age also wen u jab you never aim always for his head but his body or shoulder jus to keep him ocupied than the staright right hand again on his shoulder not no looping rights, the idea is Occupying him with jab and volume punches but NOT from a slow puncher but sum1 Like Amir Khan, Andre Berto speed, tho you cannot become predictable with the same combinations and jabs always attacking different parts of his upperhalf body.

The other only way is catch him coming in throwing punches but to do this you mus b very quick urself wen judah fought mayweather ifu watch the 1st 4rds he totally dominated mayweather how????? Single and Double jabs and countering him with left hands and left upercuts wen mayweather was comin in and as u know Judah was faster than Mayweather throwing his combinations but got predicatable and mayweater adapted and judah didnt but de la hoya gave the most trouble to him due to his size advantage and jabbing..

U have to have a fast athlete like himself but be unpredicatble in your attacks keeping him occupied with the Jab and reigning tactics
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