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OP is stupid...

Why comment on something you clearly know nothing about? T/E ratios are a test to determine the difference between Testosterone and Epitestosterone. If you have 10 T and 5 E then you have a 2:1 Ratio, if you have 20 E and 5 T then you have a 4:1 Ratio. Which is funny because you would have significantly less Testosterone than someone who scored a 2:1 ratio. Lets say Chael was at 250 T for free Testosterone which is within Normal Range (I myself am at 241 so it is mid range). Now lets say this is because of his TRT (Because of his undeveloped testicles his body makes a much lower amount of Testosterone, enough to bring on a ton of symptoms and enough to make life **** for any man. I am talking no muscle gain, Constant fatigue and inability to get "it" up) So his epitestosterone (Which is all natural and cannot be enhanced) is decided by his natural testosterone. Therefore if his natural testosterone is 100 or even lower (Which is highly possible) That will typically be his Epitestosterone level also. So now if we peg his E at 100 then his T/E Ratio is 2.5:1 which is well within the limits. Now lets think for a moment.

If his gonads are underdeveloped and he is naturally only producing 50 or even 25 than his gap increases dramatically even without increasing the normal testosterone level that we pegged him at. Chael measured with a gap of 16.9:1 which is high but the T and E specifics were not given out so we have no idea if his T was high or his E was low or any of that so you can not label him a cheater.

He was never caught abusing any substance and the only thing he was suspended for was failure to disclose to the proper person. It was Disclosed and when chael told that to the commission they simply stated that he disclosed it to the wrong person and that is why they denied him his license. So the UFC does not have to do anything to make sure chael isn't cheating because simply put he is not. The UFC does care if their Athletes are on PEDS but TRT is not a PED.

Also to note if Chael was not on TRT his Testosterone levels would actually be much much lower because of the way Testosterone works in the body.
If a person works out hard T drops. This is why you do not see every male with a Steroid physique. As T drops the muscles repair slower and this is why you cannot do arm curls all day. After a little while you will start hurting yourself more than helping. It takes a while for T to find its way back up from its drop point. Because Chael produces an inadequate amount of T it would take him even longer thus stunting any and all muscle growth. Simply he would be sore for weeks without any results. TRT stops the negatives results for him and allows him to have normal muscle growth and all that fun stuff.

Anyway if you do not know what you are talking about than I suggest you refrain from having an opinion on the matter until you look it up and research everything in its entirety. Think before you spew out random useless crap and drag someones name through the mud.
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