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Originally Posted by mathed View Post
What if Sergio beats him to a pulp? Just saying, what does that make Chavez getting beaten by a man nearly 10 years older? Does he become a bum? Was Sergio merely lucky? Will Sergio finally get the credit he deserves?

There is all this talk about how Chavez jr is a beast, a monster, the best thing since sliced bread but if he gets beaten, how will the public look at him after that?

I think people are buying into his wins a bit too much personally. People claimed that Martinez's opposition was weak and subpar but they were basically undefeated and the top guys ranked to fight him. I think that the opposition that Sergio has faced and dominated has been vastly superior to that of Chavez but I guess we'll have to wait until Sept. 15th to truly find out, if the fight really does happen.
I'm not crowning him anything yet. The reason I said if is because Martinez is the #3 p4p fighter right now. Ima big Sergio fan and I even stated that I thought he would win. He should win. He should box circles around Chavez. If he doesn't tho then Chavez will have proven himself against someone elite. That all I'm sayin.
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