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Originally Posted by Truck Turner View Post
Personally I thought Bradley lost the fight, but to be criticized by so called "fans" for trying to win the biggest fight of his career considering the feet issues is pretty lame. Manny half assed it, got tired and let Bradley get off in spots and to me that means one of three things...

He quit juicing, and because of it the explosive power and super human stamina is now gone.


Arum and Pacquiao had this planned all along, and made big money at the bookie while managing to duck Floyd Mayweather Jr once and for all.


Arum got tired of Manny's **** behind closed doors, and is sending him a clear message.
Pacquiao looked really pissed during the post fight interview, he tried to avoid any eye contact with Arum. The robbery was planned yes, but i don't believe Manny knew anything about it.
At this point in his career he would never agree to lose a fight on purpose
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