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Originally Posted by kaps View Post
It's hard to say because most fighters train differently, focusing more on one area or another depending on their opponents strengths. It's much like a typical boxers training day with the addition of wrestling, jiu jitsu, muay thai, or kick boxing. Take JDS vs Mir for instance, JDS probably focused more on defending takedowns and working on his Jiu Jitsu than he would've if he where fighting a kickboxer like Reem....
Thank you very much for your answer, what do you think about this:

7.00 Warm up
7.10 20 km. Runing
8.10 Drills
8.30 Shadow Box (4 to 5 rounds)
9.00 Bag work (4 to 5 rounds)
9.25 Pad work (2 to 5 rounds)
9.50 Clinching / Sparing
10.15 Drills
10.35 Exercise(chin ups, push ups, sit ups, push ups bar
10.50 Shadow Box (2 to 3 rounds), Cool down stretch

16.00 Warm up
16.10 12 km. Running
16.30 Skip
16.50 Shadow Box (4 to 5 rounds)
17.25 Bag Work (4 to 5 rounds)
18.05 Pad Work (4 to 5 rounds)
18.35 Clinching / Sparing
19.05 Drills (as morning)

This was Buakaw Por Pramuk's. He's a muay thai fighter, but this was his regular schedule. Not including for all fights.
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