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Originally Posted by ANDROIDISM View Post
Man I cheated and got caught in the worst Efin way and still to this day feel bad about it (was about 6 years ago).

Had a great GF for almost 2 years. She was great to me, beautiful, great body, very nice and charming she was just a great GF to me! Well i was about 23 at the time and she was about 26 so there was some differences in maturity between her and I with me obviously being less mature, not sure where we wer really going with our relationship and I had/have some friends that were/are a bad influence on me but nevertheless my boys.

Long story that i'll try to make short

We end up moving in together and have been living with each other for about 6 months. The reason I moved in was because my commute to work was like 45 minutes one way. Moving in with her cut it down to about 15 each way.

She surprises me with tickets to catch a Golden State Warriors game for my birthday so we spend the weekend in the Bay area and catch the game. Taking lots of picture throughout the weekend. We had a great time at the game and in the bay.

about a week later I get a call from one of my boys inviting me over to his place because he has females coming over that want to party. I tell my GF that I'm going to hang out with my buddy (who she knows) for a while and I'll be back I wont be long.

Well one of the girls that ends up being there is a girl I used to have a casual relationship with. We drink and hang out and flirt and talk about how we used to hang out all the time. After a couple hours of drinking and bullzhiting she asks me if my buddy has an extra room. I take her into the room and we start making out and undressing each other. I grab my cell phone and start messing around telling her I want to take pictures of us. To my surprise she was for it!

I start taking pictures of her azz and D's and take pictures of me kissing on her neck and nipples. She starts masturbating and I get off her and take pictures of her doing it. I then take pictures of her going down on me then put the phone away and go at it with her.

anyways it's past midnight and after we've been done for about an hour we both get up and get ready to leave my boys house. I get home to my GF and she's asleep in the fuken living room which I found EXTREMELY rare! She's completely under the blankets and thought she maybe fell asleep on the couch or was waiting for me. She plays the shes waking up roll and asks me what time it is and why im home so late. I tell her I was with my boys and we were hanging out playing poker and it got late.

Well she throws the blanket off of her and says " OH YEA?!!!" "WHEN THEN WHAT THE FUK IS THIS???!!!!"

She had printed out EVERY FUKEN PICTURE that i had just taken with that girl having sex!!

How did she do that????

Her and I had Sprint together under her name. I had no idea that Sprint had this thing called Picturemail! When you take a picture from you Sprint device, Sprint thought it would be a good idea to automatically upload that picture online to your picturemail! So she was suspicious of me and logged on to our sprint account and went to the picturemail website and was seeing EVERY SINGLE PICTURE I was taking. She obviously new of this feature, I didn't!

Needless to say I was fuked, caught red handed, and had nothing to say but apologize for doing this to her. She was crying, I ended up crying cause I felt so bad and it was just a huge mess. She ended up going to the room and leaving me in the living room. I slept on the couch and woke up early in the morning and went to knock on her door and she as gone. She left me a note asking me to please be gone by this afternoon.

I pack my belonging and move out. We still talked for a couple weeks after that. Mostly it was her asking me why I did that to her and how many other girls I had cheated on her with. That was the one and only time I cheated on her and it back fired.

To this day I still regret it. She was a keeper, but I was too immature to understand how hard good girls are to come by. My boys bring it up every now and then and I get clowned for it for getting caught in the most ugliest way possible lol.

100% true story.
What a terrible idea. Definitely staying away from Sprint.
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