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have some grub - mathed Lol cheers bud...see it's still possible for a Floyd & Manny fan to get along - Mike D appreciate that :beerchug: - -jose- 

No U.S. boxer that's ranked higher in their weight class, let alone the top p4p will travel abroad if they're smart. Hopkins got screwed in the pro ranks by traveling a few times. Roy and Floyd got royally ****ed by some bum-ass countries who couldn't play fair in the Olympics. I sure in the **** wouldn't travel to a bums backyard when I'm the draw and considered the better fighter by everyone who's not from the bums backyard. If you ask anyone not from the U.S. where the money is in boxing they'll say the United States of America. Yet you ask them if a fighter from their country wants to fight an american fighter where should the fight take place... they'll say their country. Professional athletes compete for money and don't want to be cheated. Roy had all the right in the world to not travel outside the United States since he was cheated before. If those guys really wanted to fight they would've met his demands as they should've since he was the draw, p4p, and the best in his division. Floyd had to do everything De La Hoya wanted to make their fight... I don't understand why Euro fighters think they don't have to give in to the fighter who deserves it.

One last thing... Only bums never fight in the U.S. for big money.
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