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Default How do I put on muscle like Manny Pacquiao?

Is it the 7k calorie a day diet that allows you to put on muscle and tear down bodyfat at the same time? Or is it the special plyometric routine he does that allows him to put on muscle and move up in weight like no other fighter has done.

I'm just asking because the most physically gifted boxer, maybe in the history of the sport, Roy Jones JR, lost his power as he moved up in weight. RJJ could KO with one punch in the lower weights but once he moved up to LHW he was a pot shot fighter.

I'm wondering what Pac is doing that makes him do something not even the most physical gifted boxer in boxing history had been able to do which is put on muscle, not put on BF, and keep your power and speed?

Is it his awesoeme Filipino genetics? I don't think so, he is a very small, thin boned, narrow body structure.

What is he doing? Anyoen have the routine?
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