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Originally Posted by ANDROIDISM View Post
Rizzo I HEAR YOU! I share the same feelings you do! Sprint has had a lot of broken promises over the last two years. In my opinion they had no idea how popular the HTC EVO would be and were totally unprepared for the amount of new customer they had. Their 4g was a failure! Their LTE is behind scheduled, and their speeds have not been so fast.

A lot of the blame for this, is the iphone. The new data from iphone sales on sprint has really hurt them and they have no answer for it. Att's stock has decreased since acquiring the iphone and it looks like the iphone is doing the same damage to Sprint.

The ONLY thing keeping me with Sprint is that I pay $140 total after taxes and insurance for unlimited everything and full insurance on both phones for two lines. That's $70/month each phone for unlimited EVERYTHING.

I take the good with the bad for now. I'm on wifi a lot so i can live with having to use their network every now and then.

You could sell your phone and it'll easily pay for your ETF. If it's really a big issue for you I would go to Verizon since it seems like it's great in your area (good in mine to) and they seem to have their network up and running great.

Sprint and Iphone and Verizon remind me of something. Just because you're first to something ( iphone, 4g) doesn't mean you'll stay on top. I think Sprint and Iphone thought that just being the first to do something was good enough taking for granted what the competition would do to them in the near future.

I'm not sure how much better T-mobile is to be honest i would ask around first, they even smaller than sprint.
the iphone definitely negatively impacted sprint's speeds. I know tmobile is a smaller company but the allure of $30 a month might be too much to handle.

verizon's 3G speeds are subpar (from what ive seen) as well, if i were to switch i'd have to get a 4G LTE phone. their LTE is LEGIT man!

good to see you around (btw, cant wait to play with an S3 in store
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