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brandish you win the post of the week. such insight. didnt think of it that way but you are right. i mean 1 week before the fight all this comes out.
i think you're right. if peterson wins who else is there for mayweather
but khan is a superstar. it just seems strange 1 week before a fight
the results come out. wouldnt they come out alot earlier. forget about
losing money theres more money to be made with khan mayweather
thats why they should ban peterson for a few years. otherwise it is a joke
peterson will be fine and i doubt he gets stripped, it's just a marketing ploy to protect khan from suffering another loss. we all know garcia is not on khan's level so he will get beat bad khan will look good if not better then pac will against bradley.

i would enjoy floyd beating up khan i would pay to see that. just remember if pac gets beat by bradley then floyd has Khan waiting in the wings.
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