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you need a kick - Freedom. muh race card - thuggery Floyd's just used it. Enjoy. - MrTambourineMan 

you guys are kinda slow
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some of you get it and it's all about money. lamont vs Khan I was a very close fight, and many of you picked khan and were upset with the judging.

now that steroids have been introduced into the equation khan is back on top. it's clever marketing guys floyd has very few options outside of khan and pac to generate close to 80 million in a fight.

if khan looks dominant in his next fight vs garcia then he is once again going to be the talk of the town like he already isn't.

but he is just an insurance policy not the main target that is pac.
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if pac balks again khan will be there like a filet mignon on ice waiting for his shot to dethrone floyd. doesn't matter if he is good enough he is popular enough to make the 70-80 million floyd wants for his next three fights.

if khan gets beat by peterson again (a very real possibility) there would be no one for floyd to fight in december if pac balks.

pac has insurance policy in marquez floyd needs his and he just got it in Khan.
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