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Default the deal

Well when it comes to Floyd v. Cotto.

Initially i wasn't excited about the fight. It is true, the general idea that Cotto is damaged goods does make a person who follows boxing think that Cotto is done. I can't lie 24/7 Ep 1 got me interested in this fight. This is how I look at it. Floyd has fans who want to see him fight PERIOD no matter who it is. Cotto has fans who want to see him fight, and moreso a big fighter like Floyd. Put it together it should be a big fight. The only people missing out are the people who want to see Floyd LOSE. They would not be interested in this fight, unless they believe that Cotto has some way of winning.

But to be honest, ever since Floyd beat Mosley i realized that Floyd is really on another level. All of these other fighters are good... but he is GREAT. Literally. So i just watch to see the great fighter in action period. I don't really care who the other guy is.

After Pac v Marquez 3 its been fully solidified in my mind that Pacquaio cannot beat Floyd. I dont even need to see them fight. And after Floyd pulled that get out of jail card and challenged Pacquaio, and pac didn't want NONE... that was it... Now I see that Pac cannot beat Floyd and does NOT want to fight Floyd unless he gets old or something. Then he'll agree to fight him like he did with Mosley.

There are GOOD fighters in boxing. And the Majority of boxings Elite fighters are just that. "Good." Floyd is the only boxer that i see is GREAT. In this Era. So whenever he fights someone its "GREAT" vs "Good" All the time. Thats why he ALWAYS dominates almost every round in a fight and wins by a landslide. So... being that Floyd is always fighting someone good, the only way to create excitement is to somehow make people believe that this good fighter has a chance of beating this great fighter, and the answer to that is usually knockout power (Victor Ortiz for example).

To be honest the only person that would have me excited to see fighting Floyd is Sergio Martinez. He's the only one who people might Combination of speed skill and knockout power. It could be a chessmatch.. but i like chess matches. It could be a slugfest.. i like that too.
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