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Originally Posted by 4CornersKid View Post
I love how people say Floyd never took risks. If Pacquiao was fighting Cotto right now at 154 lbs and if Floyd was fighting Bradley at 147 next, it'd be Pacquiao taking a huge risk to fight the top SWW at 154 lbs and Floyd cherry picking a smaller 140 lb guy.

Both fights are good, both Manny and Floyd are ATG's, it's ridiculous when some people just sit on here and bash Floyd or Manny all day long. There are literally some people on here, some in this thread, that just sit and bash both guys all day long, and never even post about anything else. It's just stupid.

If NSB was around back in the 80's, it would have been Leonard was ducking Pryor and Hagler, and that Duran was a disgrace to the sport, and Mike Tyson would KO Ali.

You don't win 7 titles in 5 weight classes without beating good fighters. You don't win titles in 8 weight classes without beating good fighters.

For instance, some are saying that Bradley isn't a risk. How the f**k is Bradley not a risk for Manny??? He's #9 P4P, unbeaten, prime, had good wins over Witter-Peterson-Abregu-Alexander. It's right up there with as good a fight as Mayweather-Hatton was, only not as entertaining probably because Hatton was one of the most entertaining guys to watch in the ring. On a side note, it's crazy how underrated Ricky Hatton is now, he's a borderline HOF if you ask me. He did beat Tszyu, who's in the HOF, and when Tszyu was the #1 JWW.

And some people are saying Cotto at 154 isn't a risk for Floyd, when just a few months ago people were saying "Floyd will still duck Cotto and won't fight him at 154", but now it's a cherry pick. Cotto is past his prime-still good, pretty much the same guy he's been since losing to Margarito in 08'. He'll never be prime but he's still good, and a no doubt HOF fighter one day.

Bradley and Cotto were by far the best fights available for Floyd and Manny right now, aside from each other obviously.

You don't beat G. Hernandez, Manfredy, Gerena, Corrales, C. Hernandez, Chavez, Castillo, Gatti, Judah, De La Hoya, Hatton, Marquez, Mosley, and Ortiz, and not have taken any risks, my god.

And you don't beat Sasakul, Ledwaba, Lucero, Barrera, Morales, Larios, Solis, Marquez, Diaz, Hatton, Cotto, and Clottey without taking any risks, my god.

People realy need to shut the f**k up.
It's the timing of picking his fight is whats shady..

Read this from an unbiased writer. Help you understand Floyd mentality of self preservation and fear of losing in the ring.

Read this article from a writer might help you understand how much of a sissy your boy is. from an unbiased writer.

Nice article: [Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.]

By John McCormick

Hint: take a look to the left

Being a loyal fan of any sport isn’t always easy. It sometimes seems natural for a fan to become apathetic when their favorite team is having a burdensome losing streak or athletes are caught using performance enhancing drugs or in some other type of scandal. However, most sports have a light at the end of the tunnel. Baseball has The World Series; The NBA has its finals, the NHL has the Stanley Cup, and so forth.

In a basketball fan’s mind there is no doubt who is the best team in the league at the end of the season. Why? Because the best have played the best. One would have to think that would be the objective in sports in the first place and in most sports it very well may be. Boxing however, is a completely different story as the word “legacy” seems to be a meaningless, empty word that has taken a back seat to the almighty green piece of paper.

Ever since Manny Pacquiao’s brilliant annihilation of Miguel Cotto in November 2009, the demand for a mega-fight with Floyd Mayweather has been in high demand. Unfortunately, the demand hasn’t been met with supply. The first round of negotiations failed due to Mayweather’s drug testing demands. Several members of Mayweather’s camp claimed that Pacquiao’s accomplishments seemed unnatural and impossible for a clean athlete. Floyd stated that he wanted OSDT (Olympic Style Drug Testing) to be implemented throughout both fighters training camps. Team Pacquiao refused to do the testing, initially claiming that Manny was superstitious about blood testing so close to fight time. They also cited blood testing as a main reason for Pacquiao’s 2005 unanimous decision loss to Erik Morales. Eventually Pacquiao relented to most of Mayweather's testing demands, but that was not enough. The result was both fighters headed down different routes with Pacquiao fighting Joshua Clottey, and Mayweather facing off against Shane Mosley.

Although many blamed Mayweather for the first round of negotiation failure, hindsight is nearly always 20/20; Pacquiao, or at least the people calling the shots for Pacquiao, seems to be at fault for this fight not happening in early 2010. Nearly two years later, Team Pacquiao claims that OSTD is not an issue and they will agree to all terms of drug testing but they must be met with a 50/50 split of the fight’s revenue. Why was drug testing a major issue two years ago and now it is not? On the same hand, in early 2010 Mayweather and Pacquiao both had agreed to a 50/50 split with the OSTD being the main reason for the fight not happening. Now two years later, the 50/50 split seems to be the problem with the OSTD falling into the shadows.

I refuse to chronicle the dramatic tale of the failed Mayweather-Pacquiao negotiations in between early 2010 and now so let’s fast forward to the present. From an unbiased eye, it would seem as if Manny Pacquiao and Bob Arum were to blame up until now. That no longer seems to be the case. In January, Mayweather placed a call directly to Pacquiao in the Philippines. During that conversation, Mayweather offered Pacquiao $40 million, while Pacquiao demanded a 50/50 split. The conversation ended, and subsequently so did the brief spark of life to the ongoing negotiations. Pacquiao went on to choose Timothy Bradley as his next opponent, whereas Mayweather chose Miguel Cotto.

Sometimes in life, the things you are looking for are clearly in your vision. You just have to seek them out. While at the Apollo Theater for the Mayweather-Cotto NYC press tour stop, the answer to who was to blame for the mega fight not happening became evident to me. It is Mayweather. During his time at the podium, Mayweather claimed “Manny Pacquiao is a great fighter but he should take the test.” Yes, Mayweather pulled the good old, “take the test” trick out of his hat, a trick that never seems to fail the media or the fans. It seems as if Floyd has an arduous time keeping up with what excuse he is currently using for the fight with Manny not happening. The week prior to Mayweather saying this, Pacquiao told multiple boxing writers, including myself that OSTD wasn’t an issue and that the fight with Mayweather fell apart due to Floyd denying him a 50/50 split in revenue. According to both men, the fight isn’t happening on May 5th because they couldn’t come to an agreement on money, not drug testing. Yet, Floyd still disingenuously claims Manny should “take the test”. Mayweather then went on to claim that Pacquiao would never get a 50/50 split. “Nobody will” he claimed. What a tangled web we weave, when at first we plan to deceive.

If you are a boxing purist, it would be nearly impossible to not be a fan of Floyd Mayweather. In the ring he is brilliant. For two years now, I have defended him and took his side, telling others that he would easily beat Pacquiao, and I still believe he would. But, obviously we will never know due to the internal insecurities that Floyd has. All of the calling out via Twitter didn’t happen in 2009 after Pacquiao destroyed Miguel Cotto. It happened after Manny nearly lost a close decision to Juan Manuel Marquez last November. Floyd Mayweather is a coward. The sad thing is that he has no reason to be afraid, as he has all the tools to clearly beat Manny Pacquiao. Instead, he will tell Pacquiao to “take the test”, while Manny has already agreed to do so. You can blame Bob Arum, You can blame Manny Pacquiao, and you can blame whomever you want to blame.

The real blame should rest directly on the shoulders of Floyd Mayweather. It is evident in his actions that he doesn’t care about his legacy or his fans. He refuses to fight fighters’ in their prime, when the demand is in. Floyd is a business man first, Manny is a fighter first. Perhaps, that is the reason why Pacquiao was named “Fighter of the decade” and Mayweather wasn’t. Fight fans should take a look at Mayweather’s inconsistencies, which far outweigh those of Bob Arum, and blame him for the mega fight not happening. After all, it is not like he cares what the fans think of him anyway.
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