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Originally Posted by The Kobe System View Post
I agree with what you said...

Dana White is envious of Mayweather. When has Mayweather ever really mentioned Dana White. Dana seems to keep Mayweathers name in his mouth.

Why did Dana say that Mayweathers comments about Jeremy Lin were "racist"? Mayweather complimented Lin but stated that the "HYPE" was because he was asian. Thats was a shot towards the media, not jeremy lin. The media are the ones who create the hype. The media tried to spin the comments to make it a racial issue. Dana is a chump. Mayweather makes more in one fight then probably all his fighters on every ppv card in one year. When will this guy establish a reigning dominant fighter? Anderson Silva was already a star before he joined the UFC, Dana White hasn't done anything to Silvas career. Silva just kicks ass and does what he does but he is the supposed P4P best MMA fighter in the world but he's still getting scraps for checks while defeating everyone that Dana has thrown at him.
Trust me what Dana has is another form of Slavery like they had after WW2, He Wishes he could just come out and Say Ni1234A shut your arse up and do what I told you or I will beat you and sale your babies.

IF anyone in this thread is from THE SOUTH TEXAS INCLUDED since they WROTE SLAVERY OUT OF THEIR SCHOOL BOOKS! YAll will see Dana for what he is plantation OWNER.

If he dont like you 1 wrong move your dead thats all to it period, How Do all his guys get popped for ROIDS and COME BACK?

I hate that Bastard
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