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Originally Posted by jimmy1569 View Post
A real business man who thinks with his head. Wlad retaliates violently two minutes before the bout takes place & millions of fans & dollars.. revenue potentially goes down the drain if he had laid him out. In that situation the REAL man walked away... the volatile poosy man would have retaliated & exerted NON self control while jeapordizing millions of dollars for his brother... The coward here & at the brawl IS only DEREK "GLASSSSED ME" CHISORA & no one else.. he exhibited cowardly & bully a$$$$ tactics to the last 3 heavyweight champions in less than 24 hrs & finally got stopped in his tracks by a David Haye who stood his ground & went on the offensive by being defensive.. The fact that he was walking awy from Chisora afterwards only lends to the fact he did his damage & was satisfied with the outcome...THE ONE WHO WASN'T SATISFIED with the outcome was the one shouting death threats & begging Haye for an immediate rematch........ END OF THREAD!
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