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Originally Posted by Bushbaby View Post
Absolutely. Ward dominated his entire division outside of Bute.

Martinez has ko'd world class fighters 3 fights straight after thoroughly beating the Lineal Middleweight champ.

JMM just finished being cherrypicked by the concenious pfp king, only to thoroughly outbox him and be given an L for a W.

Floyd while he cherrypicks, does so against top champs in the weight class he chooses to fight in.

Donaire is a genuine pfp fighter. Broken hand, matters not. He's not higher because he chooses to now rely on his power too much.

Pacman is no where in sight because the pfp king doesn't win his 154 strap against an unranked cheater in my book. Then proceeds to cherrypick a clearly shot fighter only to catch cramps aka cannot cut off the ring. Furthermore turn around & cherrypick the lineal lightweight champion & be soundly outboxed in his own weightclass, having Roach beg for a ko only to do nothing & use leg cramp excuses yet again.
I love Ward and while he did that in a very good division, you are still judging on a curve. Those wins arent much better if better at all then what Pac or Floyd has done recently. It just seems like that because you arent keeping them to the same standard. Those guys he beat had already just lost to not so great fighers.

Sergio's been good but I still dont think the guys he beat were good enough to overtake Floyd or Pac just yet and Macklin is not going to do it either.

How can you put JMM over Floyd after he dominated him? I also think the JMM-Pac fight couldve went either way but he was also dominated by Floyd a lil before that. You can say the Floyd thing was a weight issue but I aruged the whole time that it was much more about Floyd and that JMM would give Cotto or anyone else at WW hell at that time, which was then proven in the Pac fight.

Pac has still been very consistent. Even if you think he's cherry picking or draining guys, I think who and how he's beaten guys is still good enough for no one other than Floyd to surpass him. You say how he looked against Mosley but he still shut him out. You have to be fair. You make it sound like he looked like crap & lost to JMM but you have JMM as the 3rd best fighter in the game so how does that make sense? Either JMM is a beast that its ok for Pac to struggle again or if Pac is not that good then you shouldnt have JMM ranked at 3 for that so called win.

The leg cramps thing is annoying but JMM gave Pac hell in the first 2 fights. You cant just think that because Pac is fighting at a higher weight that he's going to kill him now like the first 2 fights didnt exist. I thought JMM owned him originaly but watching it back, I have to admit that I was judging on a curve of expectations and that Pac did alot better then I thought
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