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Originally Posted by ChristianBale View Post
Watch he first KD again. The tangle up in slow mo shows the feet tangled after the shot and he was on his way down.

As for the ropes, if the ropes hold you up, then it is a kd anyway.
I've watched that 1st knock down closely & i can honestly say that in no way was it a knock down.....peterson went down due to his foot tangling with the ref. I have no clue what to tell you.........

BTW it depends on that individual commissions rules........& many judges don't count backing up on the ropes as a KD unless the guy was noticeably hurt & nearly out of it. a slip to the ropes or darting backwards off balance towards the ropes is RARELY counted as a KD.

& if a elbow is used (which khan used to push peterson down) a warning should have been issued let alone a KD for peterson.

this is why the 2nd KD is VERY debatable.

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