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KARCENO: Now looking back on Pacquiao's career, He didn't beat the best guy at 130, 135, 140,147, and 154. How did we get all the way here with this guy?

FLOYD MAYWEATHER: "When you sit back, and look at his career, you say ok,Marcos Antonio Barrera the guy had been through so many wars, he didn't beat the best Barrera. He didn't beat the best Morales, when he beat Morales he had just came off a lose to Zahir Raheem. When he fought Hatton, I had just knocked him out. A guy that wasn't there mentally, because he already got to the pinnacle. How can you push yourself to the limit and get to Floyd Mayweather and say "you know what let me push myself back to the limit again.' It's Hard for a fighter. Me knowing this as a fighter. When he fought Cotto, he just got beat by Antonio Margarito, Then you got Clottey, who I think if he had fought, we could have gotten something out of him, but I think he was just there to get a payday. If he would have fought we never know what could have happened. We can never say never. Margarito, a guy that was coming off a year and half layoff. Mosley, came of a lost to me and a draw. When I talked to Shane after the fight, He said 'Floyd if I was you I would make him take the test' We have seen Shane hit by Vernon Forrest, by Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto, his face never looked like it did when he fought Pacquiao."

K: On our Website we have this video, you can see from the Pacquiao vs Margarito fight were Pacquiao appears to be applying tape on skin, then gauze, then tape again which is illegal and is know as stacking. Could that be a reason?

FM: "Wow, I don't know what's going on. I do know that when I was going to fight Shane, they said it was the best he ever looked coming off the Margarito fight, after he fought me, they said he's over the hill. I dethroned certain fighters when they were undefeated.Floyd Mayweather never won a vacant title, never. Floyd Mayweather has never won a title where they made up a belt. Floyd Mayweather has never beat a fighter at a catch-weight, or have a clause in a contract that say this don't go down, if you don't do this and that. All I say is this, you put em in front of me and I beat em."

K: Does it bother you, the way some media disrespect you?

FM: "I just don't know how you knock a guy, that dedicated his whole life to the sport? I'm always in a no win situation If I box them, the're going to say 'Floyd didn't knock em out, If I knock a guy out they say he's over the hill, He was too big, or a guy was too slow. They said Gatti (R.I.P) was reborn, he got a new trainer, but you have to go to his backyard. I said ok, you know that's some of the things I have done for this sport. I gave em what they wanted to see, everything they said a fighter couldn't do, I've done."

K: Do you think Pacquiao can man up and get Arum to come to table so offers can be negotiated?

FM: "First off, I can't wait until Todd Duboef is running the company, He and Dena Duboef are truly great people, professional. I can't wait until he takes over just so we can have dinner and talk about working together. Those rumors in the past about money being offered to me, not true, How can you offer me a deal when I'm the A-side? We make the offers. We tell you what were going to give you, and you can take it or you don't have to. We're the A-side. If Floyd Mayweather tell you he's going to make 50 million, he's probably going to make 70 million, after a fight there is no telling on how much I really make. Am I going to be the highest paid athlete at the end of the year, most likely."

K: Most people Don't know that you still making money off the Mosley fight, off the back end.

FM: "I'm still making money off the Hatton fight, and the Delahoya fight, so I still got checks coming in, and what can I say I got a great team, me and Al Haymon we work hand and hand, He is just unbelievable.It's so crazy that Al Haymon hasn't gotten an award over the years for working with these fighters. I can't believe it. no Manager of the year or nothing. and He's my business partner and advisor. I just can't believe it."

K: Al Haymon has helped a lot of fighters, prepare for life after the sport so they can be comfortable and enjoy life, like he did for Vernon Forrest R.I.P, but what else Mayweather Promotions have coming up?

FM: "Jessie Vargas, I'm working with Deandre Latimore right now, he's the newest member to Team Mayweather. We want to help these get what they deserve, and if there is any fighter out there that is reading this article, and there are not comfortable or happy, get your information to me, so I can talk to your promoter or your management team so we can make it happen so you can be comfortable."

K: We have had Jessie Vargas on *************** before, and he is a regular on the Ropeadoperadio show, anytime you guys want to come on the show you guys are more than welcome?

FM: "I appreciate that, in Mayweather Promotions we just focus on being comfortable and that's what we believe in over here making everyone comfortable. When I got Jessie Vargas, I said your going straight to PPV, all fans need to support Jessie Vargas, like all fans need to support Deandre Latimore. When I was with Arum Listen, you got to realize, first off in business. You must promote them in their background first. If you have a Mexican fighter, you take him to the Latin market first, If you have a black fighter, you take him to the Urban market first. You can't put em in the magazines. Their certain ways you have to do it, but I don't want to sit here and give you our whole remedy, then someone else might run with our blueprint. You must go to their city first then let it stand from there. I'm from Grand Rapids what I do, I take Deandre Latimore to Grand Rapids MI, put my name behind it, do an autograph signing there and do a whole weekend, a huge weekend, afterparty. You might take a lose but in the long run you win. we are not just looking at today, we're looking at tomorrow. It's log term and tht's what we believe in."

K: Any title fights for them soon?

FM: "Jessie is moving to 147 because he was little bit too big for 140, he was up for a title shot at 140 for his next fight, but I don't believe in crowding my Promotional company up with just any fight and every fighter, I believe in getting solid talented fighters. I just don't want a ton of fighters and have a lot of overhead, when you invest in something you want to make sure it's worth it. I want all the professional fighter to know if your in Las Vegas, look us up we're in Chinatown, everyone is invited to train and workout, we got good trainers and we are going to treat you like your one of our own. Nate Jones is a great trainer, he's coming up. People don't get the props they really deserve, he had a lot to do with me winning huge fights. They don't talk about how my uncle Roger is going through a lot right now, but we keep our fingers crossed and all we can do is hope for the best."

K: Hoilday season is here and Thanksgiving is days away, I know the Floyd Mayweather Foundation will continue to help those in need this year as well.

FM: "I know we been kind of moving around, it's a last minute thing because I've been traveling but normally on Thanksgiving and Christmas we give out turkeys and toys, but we are going to do it,for our American citizens that are less fortunate"

K: Is there any word you have in closing?

FM: "Yes, Follow the @TheHarlemHotBoy and @rickibrazil for REGAL MANAGEMENT [Link View Has Been Removed. Click Here To Unlock This Content.], I'm on my way to Chicago, I got a big party, 'Black Friday'. Last time they used my name for a party, I don't know who that was but that was false advertisement, but I will be there this friday."

K: I will be there also

FM: "Ok, bring your camera and upload it to your site and we will help get your site to the next level."

K: Thanks again for the interview

FM: "your welcome"
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