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Default Manny and Roach's masterplan to reel in Proffesional ducker Floyd...Good or bad move?

So, we all know by now whats popping with Mannys poor ass performances against Mosley and Marquez. You could see blatantly see him majorly drop the tempo after mashing Margarito a new face in the last few rounds of that one.
Now, although he had an injury (I forget what injury was) against Mosley he should have performed a hell of a lot better still, this could be down to him and Sugar being good mates enit.
But after watching the Marquez fight aswell and seeing yet another poor performance it has become obvious as to why he is massively underperforming.
He wants P*ssyBoyFloyd to think "Raaa, Manny's clean declining as an athlete and a boxer yu know, I might finally jump in the ring with him 'cos I know I can beat him now eh"
But it could backfire on him still, Floyd is a smart geezer, he probably knows whats popping here, and could come out with his usual bulls*** like 'I am the Greatest', 'I beat Mosley and Marquez more comprehensively than Manny did, noone can beat me', 'I'm better than Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson'.....
And retire with these bulls*** claims ringing in everyone's ears without ever fighting anyone anywhere near to being an ATG come fight night with PBF.

Floyd Senior has said he's scared for his son's life if him and Pacquiao get in the ring and they've both said it's never gonna happen, so f***it
Sugar and Bradley know Floyds the only p*ssyhole flopper in the Welterwight division, Shame 'cos we'd have seen some sick fights like Mayweather vs Margarito, Mayweather vs Cotto, Mayweather vs Pacquiao, Mayweather vs prime Mosley, Mayweather vs Martinez, Mayweather vs Tszyu .... etc

Do ya'll think Ali, Holmes, Liston, Cooper, Frazier, Foreman or any boxer of any era other than Floyd Mayweather Jnr could have gotten away with being World Champion and never fighting the best that's around??? errr NAH
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