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Originally Posted by hypodermical View Post
You're reason for saying that Pac's brawling style is better for him than his current more controlled style is the fact that he won and kd'd jmm in their first 2 fights. Thats silly.

I scored it 7 rounds to 5 Pac. I don't know what fight you saw, but that place was dominated by JMM fans. They were LOUD from round 1. I did not hear a "Manny" once. I agree than JMM clearly landed the clearer more flush shots, but so did Clottey. You don't win rounds by getting your opponent with 1 or 2 great shots and eating 5-6. Pac was dissapointed because he failed to deliver a definitive win and KO not because he thought he lost the fight. The only damage JMM gave him was a busted lip and a headbutt. JMM's face was clearly tagged up from all the punches he took from Pac.

It was not a robbery. It was a very close fight. Pac landed more punches and won more rounds. Again, there are plenty of threads to debate on who won the fight, this isn't one of them. I respect the opinions of people who thought JMM won a CLOSE fight. It wasn't a "boxing clinic" no one "outclassed" anyone. I gave it to Pac, you gave it to JMM. I hope they fight again.
I wasn't talking about Filipinos at ringside, I was speaking about the 1000 Filipinos at the Venue where I was out of 1100 people, without commentary, simply watching the fight unfold, not a sound...

Don't take my word for it that Pacquiao fought better and was a better fighter previous, Larry Merchant's latest article talks all about it. His victories over Barerra, Morales and the first Marquez fight were his finest wins against true champions and tough boxers whose records stand the test of time. His latest triumphs have been thoroughly underwhelming with opposition on their way out, sideways or down.

Pacquiao had such great potential but his new life as poster boy and potential President has robbed boxing of a great fighter. I think that's the most disappointing thing, he's so big and loved in the Philippines that the powers that be can't have him lose and can't have him take risks, a real shame. There's no need to fight again the score is 2 to 1 to Marquez, but if they do the result will be no different and the controversy will continue.

As much as I dislike Floyd Mayweather, that fight ain't going to happen, Pacquiao will get creamed all the way to a 12 round decision, and now he knows it.. No overwhelming pressure on Floyd no way to win, he'll pick Pac to pieces. Before this fight I though he may have a chance but Marquez confirms the result of a Mayweather fight. I don't know who that leaves him to fight, nobody's i guess.
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